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My girlfriend invited me to come along to an Irish Trad Session that Michael Kelly puts on monthly in Los Angeles. It was local to AEA in Pasadena so we decided it would be fun to take down some gear and do a remote recording session.  I brought along and AEA 88MKII as well as a pair of AEA N22s and Josephson C42s.  I ended up using the 88 and C42s as my main mics. As you can see I used an stereo protractor to mount all three microphones.  The stand was placed in the center of the performers with the 88 front to the majority of the group and the C42s positioned to capture the lead performers.


I really enjoyed this remote recording session, I want to start doing more of them. What made it really nice was how minimal the setup was and how quickly I was up and recording.  I have been playing around with the idea of doing a 8 channel mixer down to a stereo buss and out to an apogee duet for future sessions.  Now all I need to do is build everything.


Here is to more remote recording sessions to come!


buy lisinopril online uk
Main setup for recording. Includes Edirol R44, four track recorder.
buy lisinopril 10 mg online
The mics I used were AEA’s 88MKII and a pair of Josephson c42s
cheap alternative to lisinopril
Griffins of Kinsale