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PCB lay out process of the Neve 1073

buy lisinopril online uk

Neve 1073 PCB Layout

Day 1

If you have been following along over the last year Sammy and I have been building a Neve  1084 clone.  Check that out over order cheap lisinopril.  We started with smaller 5cm X 5cm pcbs that had the individual stages on them, now we want to go towards a larger PCB that includes the gain switch as well as the three amplifier stages.

I went for a 10X10cm PCB I am hoping that I will be able to get all the parts into that tight of a squeeze with out it being extremely hard to populate.  I may go back and change the resistor foot prints currently they are will allow both SMT as well as through hole parts. If space becomes a major issue I am going to change to through hole on end like I have done with the other PCBs.

So here is the Neve PCB Layout as right now.

cheap lisinopril 40 mg
This is the first of the 3 stages of the Neve 1073
why is lisinopril so cheap
Here is the master schematic. The individual stages inside those boxes for the Neve 1073
lisinopril cheap price
This is going to be a tight squeeze the Neve 1073